Monitor and control electrical appliances with Smart Plug Mini

admingadgetwyse January 12, 2019

Description:The Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter and the world’s smallest smart plug. The smart plug enables the user to monitor and control electrical appliances, reduce standby consumption, create on/off schedules for the appliances, and turn them on or off remotely. The Smart Plug Mini is Zigbee certified and does not require […]

LG press conference at CES 2019 in 8 minutes

admingadgetwyse January 9, 2019

Description:LG’s CES press conference opened with smart appliances and a beer-making device, and closed with a futuristic-looking TV that can roll up and hide away when it’s not in use. There are also plenty of awkward moments mixed in. Here’s our rundown of all the highlights. Read more here: Subscribe: Like The Verge […]

How To Setup A Raspberry Pi Home Automation Hub

admingadgetwyse January 6, 2019

Description:In this video I show you how to setup a home automation hub using a USB z-wave controller and a raspberry pi running the home assistant software z-wave smart home maker challenge vote on my project Thanks for watching this video. I started byte sized to share the cool projects that I’m working […]

LG’s new robotic assistant Cloi uses AI to make your home smarter

admingadgetwyse January 5, 2019

Description:LG shows how its appliances are getting smarter at CES 2018 using its new AI platform ThinQ and its robotic voice assistant Cloi. But the little bot got stage fright and didn’t work according to plan at one point. The silence of LG’s CLOi robot at CES is deafening: Subscribe to CNET: Check […]

Using Sense to Save Dollars and Cents #CES2017

admingadgetwyse January 4, 2019

Description:Sense provides a non-invasive, real-time method to measure electricity in the home. The real power isn’t in the Watts measured, but the signatures they create that allow them to identify things, such as when particular appliances turn on and off, and then infer information, such as how many hours per day a TV is on […]

How TIS Automation can Save 60% of your Home Electricity Consumption?

admingadgetwyse January 3, 2019

Description:Welcome… to the Energy Saving Revolution! With our new intelligent Wifi Energy Servant sensor, you can revolutionise the way you manage appliances at your home and save money! Some of the best energy-saving functions of our sensor include: – Automatic air-conditioning control that detects windows or doors left open to save the energy – AC […]

5 Amazing Smart Home 2018 Gadgets You Must Have on Amazon !

admingadgetwyse January 2, 2019 ,

Description:5 Amazing Smart Home 2018 Gadgets You Must Have on Amazon ! Featuring the latest futuristic inventions, coolest smart home gadgets, amazing gadgets for your home and other awesome technological advancements that you’ve probably never seen before reasonably affordable for your budget to buy on amazon. ————————————————————– Products are available on Amazon USA and International […]

11 Best Smart Home Devices That Work With Amazon Alexa

admingadgetwyse December 27, 2018

Description:Introducing Voice Shopping with Amazon Alexa at 00:05. Here Top 11 Smart Home Devices You Can Buy Now on Amazon That Work With Amazon Echo : 1 Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation 01:40 2 TP-Link Smart Plug Mini – Control your Devices from Anywhere 02:58 3 Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 04:10 4 […]

Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances at Aztec Appliance

admingadgetwyse December 25, 2018

Description:Interested in smart home tech? Did you know Whirlpool has smart appliances? Watch this video to learn more. Featured will be the 2017 Whirlpool Smart Range, which gives you optimal cooking settings based on what dish you’re cooking, and the Whirlpool range will also learn your cooking patterns, giving you suggestions the more you use […]

Wireless Smart APP Remote Control Switch Power Socket Smart Home Devices

admingadgetwyse December 24, 2018

Description:KINCO US EU UK Wireless Smart APP Remote Control Switch Power Socket Smart Home Devices Plug for IOS/Android Sockets Outlet 1.Remote control and operation on home & office appliances 2.Control your appliances on/off on 2G/3G/4G/WiFi network 3.Set timed task on the unit to turn on/off the appliance 4.Set charging time to protect your mobile phone […]

Μικροδίκτυο με Ανανεώσιμες Πηγές Ενέργειας & Συσσωρευτές στο “Έξυπνο Σπίτι” του ΕΚΕΤΑ/ΙΠΤΗΛ

admingadgetwyse December 24, 2018

Description:Το πρώτο Μικροδίκτυο με Ανανεώσιμες Πηγές Ενέργειας και Συσσωρευτές το οποίο υποστηρίζει διασυνδεδεμένη και νησιδοποιημένη λειτουργία αποτελεί πραγματικότητα στο «Έξυπνο Σπίτι» του ΕΚΕΤΑ/ΙΠΤΗΛ To «Έξυπνο Σπίτι» του ΕΚΕΤΑ/ΙΠΤΗΛ είναι μια υποδομή που εξομοιώνει ένα πραγματικό οικιακό κτήριο προσφέροντας υπηρεσίες γρήγορης πρωτοτυποποίησης και επίδειξης καινοτόμων τεχνολογιών, σε διάφορους τομείς όπως ενέργεια, υγεία, ρομποτική και τεχνητή νοημοσύνη. […]

Top 3 High Tech Gadgets For Your Home | Best Smart Home Gadgets || Hindi Tech Pro

admingadgetwyse December 23, 2018 ,

Description:Ye gadget agar Aap purchase kr lete Ho to apne house ko char chand laga sakte Ho… Buy From Amazon India FingerScanner Door :- Smarthome intercome system :- sono wifi speker :- __ More Suggest :- gadget,gadgets,smart home,high tech gadgets,best smart home gadgets,top 6 high tech gadgets for your home,the lark-wi,blueguard-e,smart door […]