Solar Mini Grids: Challenges and Opportunities

admingadgetwyse January 9, 2019

Description:In this session you will learn the about basic functions and technology aspects of solar mini-grids, and major challenges and opportunities related to mini-grid installations. The presentation includes a case study analysis of a promising support program in India. household appliances in spanish

SimpliPhi Batteries with Outback Access Unit – PEG Solar

admingadgetwyse January 6, 2019

Description: In the video, Joe interviews Troy Daniels from SimpliPhi Battery and today we are looking at the Outback Access Unit, a residential energy storage system. SimplePhi assembles the entire unit here in the USA and it is 100% weatherproof. This configuration is capable of handing most household appliances including well pumps, refrigerators, freezers, indoor […]

Power grid tie inverter with single 12 V battery

admingadgetwyse December 18, 2018

Description:This is grid tie inverter from my friend and he bring it to me and ask me if there is way to power this inverter with single 12 V battery,i told him voltage is to low to run the inverter,minimum voltage is 20 V,but i found one way how it can work,using the MPPT charge […]

Electromagnetic Generator 10 kW Free energy device

admingadgetwyse December 14, 2018

Description:InfinitySAV© INFINITY SAV Skype: InfinitySAVTeam The ammeter on the device displays incorrect information, since it was not set up correctly. Output voltage 220V, current 20A, power with load 4.5kW. Load on lamps 1.1 kW, fan 400 W, heater 2.5 kW We are an international Team of young and ambitious engineers/inventors/entrepreneurs with more than 10 […]

Solar PV Policy Deep-Dive: Rate design (Part 1)

admingadgetwyse December 14, 2018

Description:This training examines key considerations for solar PV rate design including fees, fixed charges, demand charges, and other regulatory tools to better balance the costs and benefits of distributed solar. household appliances germany

Solar PV Policy: Net-Metering

admingadgetwyse December 6, 2018

Description:This session covers the rise of net-metering policy, and such elements as policy design, use and adaptation of net-metering in various regions around the globe. The presenter, Mr. Toby Couture, examines the prosumer concept and its impacts on the electricity sector. household appliances definition

Mark Jacobson: How the Future of Energy Impacts the Future of Our Cities

admingadgetwyse November 30, 2018

Description:Imagine a future where the entire U.S. energy infrastructure runs on clean, renewable energy. It’s possible to do it by 2050, says Stanford civil and environmental professor Mark Jacobson, and even without any new technologies. In a presentation during the Digital Cities Summit 2016, Jacobson laid out the hidden upside of using solar, wind and […]


admingadgetwyse November 20, 2018

Description:Sim4Blocks is a European research project funded through H2020 developing innovative energy management systems designed to make the most of our amazing renewable energy sources. This simple animation explains how it will do this and the benefits it will bring for all household appliances germany

Enabling a distributed energy future

admingadgetwyse November 17, 2018

Description:With State Government support, Horizon Power is transforming the traditional electricity network into a highly distributed intelligent microgrid. Our Distributed Energy Resource (DER) microgrids will deliver more affordable and sustainable electricity to communities, giving customers more choice over how they receive their energy and greater ability to lower their power bills. Onslow is set to […]

energyBRICK – New Generation of Sustainable Batteries

admingadgetwyse November 7, 2018

Description:ADGEX presents energyBRICK – fully automated energy storage solution for universal accumulation and effective storage of electrical power. energyBRICK represents several pre-manufactured units or “bricks”, rapidly erected at any required location to form a highly effective storage complex for any energy needs. energyBRICK features modular design, allowing mounting highly effective energy complexes at any required […]

Federal Programs for Energy and Housing: A Lifeline for America’s Low-income Families

admingadgetwyse November 4, 2018

Description:Learn more and download slides at Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) held a briefing to discuss the role of energy efficiency in reducing the cost of housing, especially for low-income families who must spend a greater percentage of their income on energy bills and so have […]

What Can I Run On My Solar Power System? – P.E.G. Solar

admingadgetwyse November 1, 2018

Description: Suggested: Hybrid Solar Power System – In this video, we discuss the process of running a loads analysis and determining what appliances your solar power system would be capable of running in a grid-down or off-the-grid setting. P.E.G. Solar is the southeast’s leading solar power company specializing in off-the-grid and battery backup systems. […]