Demand Response: Turn your flexible electricity consumption into cash

admingadgetwyse January 9, 2019

Description:With NextFlex, ENGIE is revolutionizing electricity demand management. Are you an industrial player with flexible electric equipment ? You might be eligible for compensation based on your site’s flexibility potential and turn it into a revenue source. What’s more, you’ll help us ensure security of supply in the market and make our planet greener and […]

Wireless Smart APP Remote Control Switch Power Socket Smart Home Devices

admingadgetwyse December 24, 2018

Description:KINCO US EU UK Wireless Smart APP Remote Control Switch Power Socket Smart Home Devices Plug for IOS/Android Sockets Outlet 1.Remote control and operation on home & office appliances 2.Control your appliances on/off on 2G/3G/4G/WiFi network 3.Set timed task on the unit to turn on/off the appliance 4.Set charging time to protect your mobile phone […]

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Module for Appliances and Wearables

admingadgetwyse December 21, 2018 ,

Description:Article + Schematic + Components List: A demonstration video showcasing how a small energy harvester circuit (using an LTC3108) can be used to harvest low levels of heat energy from a thermoelectric generator (TEG). The TEG can be heated on one side with a low to medium heat source (i.e from body heat or […]

Testing Power Usage with a Kill a Watt Meter

admingadgetwyse December 20, 2018

Description:I show you how a kill a watt meter can be use to test the power you are using. Amazon USA: Amazon UK: The model I bought was the Floureon TS-836A. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment below. As always, if you enjoyed the video, please […]

Simple ECHO Voice Control SMART PLUG from TP-Link

admingadgetwyse December 18, 2018

Description:TP-Link HS100 Voice activated Smart plugs have proved useful for me in utilising the power sockets in my house that are otherwise inaccessible. Smart plugs have been on the market for quite some time now – but in recent months the prices have reduced significantly and in this video I demonstrate they are now so […]

Power grid tie inverter with single 12 V battery

admingadgetwyse December 18, 2018

Description:This is grid tie inverter from my friend and he bring it to me and ask me if there is way to power this inverter with single 12 V battery,i told him voltage is to low to run the inverter,minimum voltage is 20 V,but i found one way how it can work,using the MPPT charge […]

Electromagnetic Generator 10 kW Free energy device

admingadgetwyse December 14, 2018

Description:InfinitySAV© INFINITY SAV Skype: InfinitySAVTeam The ammeter on the device displays incorrect information, since it was not set up correctly. Output voltage 220V, current 20A, power with load 4.5kW. Load on lamps 1.1 kW, fan 400 W, heater 2.5 kW We are an international Team of young and ambitious engineers/inventors/entrepreneurs with more than 10 […]

Testing 12V 1Kva Dc to Ac Power Inverter using Oscilloscope

admingadgetwyse December 13, 2018

Description:Testing 12V 1Kva Dc to Ac Power Inverter EDM Detection Mode‏ بأداء Kevin MacLeod‏ وتحمل ترخيص Creative Commons Attribution‏ (‏) المصدر:‏ الفنان:‏ what household appliances use 220 volts

How to Build an RF Remote Control Home Automation System with YK04 and Arduino UNO

admingadgetwyse December 6, 2018

Description:View full article: As technology changes, its effect on human daily life is becoming increasingly lithe—especially in controlling household appliances. Electrical installations are at the heart of every building, so intelligent building control increases safe and effective control, ultimately saving energy and manpower. Home automation systems perform lighting control and regulation, conditioning heating, equipment […]

Siemens UK Apprenticeship – Michael Teanby

admingadgetwyse December 5, 2018

Description:What’s it like being an apprentice at Siemens? Hear Michael’s experience at our Lincoln site. Find out more about our Apprenticeships: household appliances ireland

Solar Energy Harvesting Under Low Light Levels

admingadgetwyse December 4, 2018 ,

Description:A demonstration video showcasing how a small energy harvester circuit (using an LTC3105) can be used to harvest light energy indoors from a small flexible thin film silicon solar panel enclosed in a picture frame. The circuit is used to power a blue CREE LED. It is hoped that small energy harvesters will soon be […]


admingadgetwyse November 28, 2018

Description:A flow of electrons powers all our modern devices and appliances, jumping to us through conductive wires. It’s all thanks to the unique properties of conductors! Support Sci-Wise on Patreon: References (APA): Benjamin Franklin and the Kite Experiment. (2018). Retrieved from Copper: Properties and Applications. (2018). Copper Development Association. Retrieved from Dickerson, […]