How To Setup A Raspberry Pi Home Automation Hub

admingadgetwyse January 6, 2019

Description:In this video I show you how to setup a home automation hub using a USB z-wave controller and a raspberry pi running the home assistant software z-wave smart home maker challenge vote on my project Thanks for watching this video. I started byte sized to share the cool projects that I’m working […]

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi 3 and Google Assistant SDK

admingadgetwyse January 5, 2019

Description:Turn on subtitles! Work in progress… V2 – Devices in this video: 1) Raspberry Pi 3, with Respeaker 2 Pi Hat shield, running Google Assistant SDK, a local MQTT server and Web Application with Sq-lite database, this part was written by my friend Ovi. In the web application we can register all devices with […]

How TIS Automation can Save 60% of your Home Electricity Consumption?

admingadgetwyse January 3, 2019

Description:Welcome… to the Energy Saving Revolution! With our new intelligent Wifi Energy Servant sensor, you can revolutionise the way you manage appliances at your home and save money! Some of the best energy-saving functions of our sensor include: – Automatic air-conditioning control that detects windows or doors left open to save the energy – AC […]

Control Home Appliances Using #GSM module SIM 900A by sending an SMS.

admingadgetwyse January 2, 2019

Description:Hello guys,In this video we will going to Make a very interesting project that is home automation using GSM module SIM 900A and arduino in this project we control our home appliances just sending SMS. we will controll our home appliances anywhere from world Code link( If you like my video please Like,Comment and Share […]

The Home of the Future in 1988 – with Gareth Roberts

admingadgetwyse December 30, 2018

Description:Home appliances today are smarter than ever – you can connect your fridge to the cloud and control your heating from the office. In this clip from the 1988 CHRISTMAS LECTURES “The home of the future”, Gareth Roberts imagines what such a home might look like – and how it might go wrong. Subscribe for […]

11 Best Smart Home Devices That Work With Amazon Alexa

admingadgetwyse December 27, 2018

Description:Introducing Voice Shopping with Amazon Alexa at 00:05. Here Top 11 Smart Home Devices You Can Buy Now on Amazon That Work With Amazon Echo : 1 Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation 01:40 2 TP-Link Smart Plug Mini – Control your Devices from Anywhere 02:58 3 Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 04:10 4 […]

How to Make a Smartphone Connected Door Lock

admingadgetwyse December 23, 2018

Description:See how we built it, including our materials, code, and supplemental instructions, on In this video, we show you how to make a smartphone-controlled, internet-connected deadbolt actuator powered by a Raspberry Pi that can be added onto your existing door lock without any modifications to the door. The door lock can be controlled […]

Complete SONOFF Smart WiFi Switch setup

admingadgetwyse December 20, 2018

Description:Get professional PCBs for low prices from –~– In this video is a complete guide to setting up a SONOFF from wiring to pairing it to the app. SONOFF Smart WiFi Switch – If you like the videos and want to keep help keep this channel alive, please visit the Patreon page and […]

D-Link’s latest COVR whole-home Wi-Fi systems look a lot more like whole-home Wi-Fi systems 2018

admingadgetwyse December 15, 2018

Description:D-Link’s latest COVR whole-home Wi-Fi systems look a lot more like whole-home Wi-Fi systems 2018 As CES2018 rumbles onwards in Las Vegas, D-Link have announced a whole swathe of new things they’re working on for connected devices in homes to make life easier for those who like their appliances “smart”. Smart homes are only getting […]

Prosumer Meter – Bringing optimization and intelligence to solar energy – Develco Products

admingadgetwyse December 1, 2018

Description:Develco Products’ Prosumer Meter is designed to monitor and optimize solar energy usage of households. The Prosumer Meter is a triple three phase meter, measuring production and consumption on three levels: the solar cell module itself, the total household, and the connected grid. Take a closer look at the Prosumer Meter: Get to know […]

How to make voice control home automation system using arduino

admingadgetwyse November 29, 2018

Description:Please watch: “Make wireless speaker using led light DIY no bluetooth required || Li-Fi technology” –~– How to make voice control home automation||control using your voice using arduino Hello guys,In this video I will show you how you can make voice control home automation system multiple channel (5)DIY. Components lists..(affiliate link present beside […]

Smart home

admingadgetwyse November 26, 2018

Description:This is my final year project, which is based on IoT. I used Distributed web service architecture and cross-platform mobile applications(android,IOS and windows) to control and manage home’s appliances.The system can be implemented in a regular home’s electrical wiring system, which makes it the most cost effective system. The system uses micro-controller to connect home […]