Green Mountain Energy Saving Tips: Home Appliances

admingadgetwyse January 11, 2019

Description:Energy-efficient homes aren’t always the newest — or the most upgraded. They’re simply the homes that conserve energy the best. A large part of energy efficiency is making sure your appliances are running optimally. Check out these energy-saving tips to help you rein in your electric bill, from investing in Energy Star-certified equipment to habits […]

Introducing Sense – the high-resolution home energy monitor

admingadgetwyse December 31, 2018

Description:Sense provides high-resolution energy monitoring for your entire home. Sense analyzes one million samples per second to provide you with energy insights, home awareness, and peace-of-mind from anywhere. Learn more at household appliances pictures

Make Free Energy With Refrigerator Compressor winding And Magnet Motor 12v battery output 220 Volt

admingadgetwyse December 23, 2018

Description:Make Free Energy With Refrigerator Compressor winding And Magnet,Motor ,12v battery output 220 Volt Visit my facebook page View my other videos free energy generator mini 12 v output 220 volts 1500 watts use 100% sef free energy generator coming soon 7.5 kw Electric Generator Motor Energy Wind Turbine Power Mini Kids LED Education […]

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Module for Appliances and Wearables

admingadgetwyse December 21, 2018 ,

Description:Article + Schematic + Components List: A demonstration video showcasing how a small energy harvester circuit (using an LTC3108) can be used to harvest low levels of heat energy from a thermoelectric generator (TEG). The TEG can be heated on one side with a low to medium heat source (i.e from body heat or […]

Home Energy-Saving Tips: Heating & Cooling

admingadgetwyse December 17, 2018

Description:Hot summers or cold winters can cause surprising spikes in your electric bill. With the right steps, you can make sure your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is contributing — not detracting — from your energy-efficient home. Energy conservation often requires changes in habits. A little behavior modification in your heating and air […]

Free Unlimited Energy : My considerations

admingadgetwyse December 16, 2018

Description:In this video I discuss the idea of free unlimited energy in the close future, trying to debunk some very common ideas that got quite popular on the web. Here are the links to the sources I used for this video : About ITER project : About how much energy an human can produce […]

Sense Install Video

admingadgetwyse December 6, 2018

Description:Send this video to your electrician prior to installation so they can see how simple the process is, and anticipate what parts and tools they might need for the project. Sense Solar Installation Guide: Looking for more information about recessed panels, or outdoor installations? Check out the knowledge base section of household […]

Solar Energy Harvesting Under Low Light Levels

admingadgetwyse December 4, 2018 ,

Description:A demonstration video showcasing how a small energy harvester circuit (using an LTC3105) can be used to harvest light energy indoors from a small flexible thin film silicon solar panel enclosed in a picture frame. The circuit is used to power a blue CREE LED. It is hoped that small energy harvesters will soon be […]