How to make remote control motor/fan speed controller DIY

admingadgetwyse January 11, 2019

Description:Hello everyone, In this video I will show you how you can make a simple remote control dc motor speed controller….. Components required….(affiliate link present beside the components, you can buy the products directly by using the following link) 1. Dc motor according to your choice….. 2. rgb light controller+remote…. 3. 12v power supply…… 4. […]

How To Make Mini Flour Mill Form Cardboard at Home! DIY Flour Machine

admingadgetwyse January 9, 2019

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Make your own Simple & Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker

admingadgetwyse January 8, 2019

Description:Previous video: Facebook: Twitter: Support me for more videos: More information (complete parts list, pictures,….) on Instructables: Part list: Ebay: 2x Li-Ion Battery: – 1x Bluetooth board: 1x SPDT Switch: 1x TP4056 board: 1x Micro USB Breakout: 1x MT3608 Boost Converter: 1x RGB LED: […]

(Hindi) How To Make a Pinhole Camera

admingadgetwyse January 6, 2019

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Home Automation with Raspberry Pi 3 and Google Assistant SDK

admingadgetwyse January 5, 2019

Description:Turn on subtitles! Work in progress… V2 – Devices in this video: 1) Raspberry Pi 3, with Respeaker 2 Pi Hat shield, running Google Assistant SDK, a local MQTT server and Web Application with Sq-lite database, this part was written by my friend Ovi. In the web application we can register all devices with […]

4 simple reused ideas

admingadgetwyse January 5, 2019

Description:Please watch: “mini power bank/ also solar mobile charger@ using 9 volt battery” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- hello, today i will show you how to reused your damage simple appliances 1. how to make easy and low cost home security system 2. how to make 12 volt battery charger with auto cut off emergency light 3. how to […]

How to make a Portable EMP Device (Easy and Cheap)

admingadgetwyse December 29, 2018

Description:My Stun Gun video: This is a simple and easy EMP device that you can make at home. Please Like, subscribe and share. EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse The Parts you need: High Voltage Booster: Regular Wires Magnet Wires Water Bottle Battery Holder Batteries Switch ETC I do not encourage any illegal uses for this […]

How to Make Electric Generator (power up cardboard house)

admingadgetwyse December 26, 2018

Description:In this video you are watching a cool experiment video how electric power is generated and delivered to our houses. The electric power is generated by small dc motor which is driven by hand spinned wheel made from 2 cd and from here electricity goes to electric transformer,drive thrue wires and light up the led […]